Tag: true selves

The Back of Her Head

There are two pictures that adorn our house that I just love. Both are of Rylie when she was little. Both are just the back of her head. It seems strange to me that these are some of my favorite pictures of her, especially given the fact that one...
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When Words Evade Me – Or Not

There was a time not so long ago that the words just seemed to pour themselves out on the page. They’d capture exactly how I was feeling with just a tweak or two. Lately, they evade me. I want to write – to capture this sense of disorientation –...
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Unveiling our Warts

Guilt is powerful.It is not always rational,but it can be ever present. When it is quiet and I think back to April 29th, there is guilt… Guilt that I was not able to save, or at the very least, protect my daughter. Guilt, that out of all of us...
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