Category: Stories of Rylie

“Double R”

For the first few months after Rylie died, I’d often tell people that I was playing pretend. It was easy to pretend she was away at camp. It was easy to pretend she was spending the night with friends. I could make up all sorts of stories. As time...
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The Back of Her Head

There are two pictures that adorn our house that I just love. Both are of Rylie when she was little. Both are just the back of her head. It seems strange to me that these are some of my favorite pictures of her, especially given the fact that one...
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Life Lessons from Social Media

I’ve been thinking a lot about social media lately. I truly have a love hate relationship with the medium. I love how it can be used for good – spreading messages of joy, sharing calls to action and inciting people to work together. I hate how I can wile...
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