Month: February 2020

Blue Toes – It’s the Little Things

Rylie’s hospital stay spanned Mother’s Day weekend. With everything going on, it was a tough holiday for me. I wanted to be anywhere but the hospital, but I also didn’t want to leave. I wanted my daughter to open her eyes and laugh at me for worrying about her....
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The Power of a Phone Call

Not that long ago, I got a surprise phone call from a sweet friend. Not a text. Not a Marco Polo recorded message. An honest-to-goodness phone call. I almost didn’t answer because I’d just gotten home from work and was feeling kind of frazzled, but I did. That phone...
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The Sweet Taste of Memories

I remember being at Grandad’s funeral and my mom telling a story of the sounds of Grandad. Grandad was a man of measured words. He often was quiet, but when he spoke everyone listened because it was bound to be a well-thought out response that would leave the rest...
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